Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear WM, by the time you read this...

I’m going to talk to you about a rather difficult relationship I am having at the moment. It’s something I need to unload. That is the relationship between myself and my washing machine.
My washing machine has become very unreliable, and I really can’t depend on it anymore. I have to think of the children(‘s constant pile of washing)!
I tried to confront it about its behaviour lately, but it went and ate my bath mat!


I honestly don’t know what to do. Our relationship used to be good, but over the past year, it has broken down constantly! I’ve had to call the repair man out about 6 times. And at $80 a visit from him, I just can’t support this habit of it’s anymore!  I’m going to have to break this vicious (spin)cycle.
I’ll give you another example of its capriciousness.
Today it broke down again (I’m thinking it was the after effects of the bath mat). So my 2 year old, Atti, and I had to take some washing to the Laundromat. No problem. Except we had 3 large bin bags full of washing to do, and I don’t have my drivers license. So I piled all 3 bags onto the pram and stuck Atti on top and we strolled down to the Laundromat, where we sat and enjoyed morning tea in the form of Fairy cakes from the Bakery over the road.

While it was a lovely outing, I can’t really afford to keep spending all that money on washing, while my washing machine lazes around at home watching Dr Phil and drinking 6-packs of fabric softener.
I think it’s definitely time to get a new washing machine and accept that our relationship has run its course, I shall rinse my hands of it.
Thank you for letting me get this (top or front-)load of my chest.

Would you survive long without your washing machine?


Me 'N My Monkeys said...

Love how you have described your relationship with your washing machine.
I would be totally lost without mine.
it's already ate my filter, i think i may well be headed down the same road very soon.
i think it was a sign, when it ate my filter that it wants to be upgraded, but for now it's still powering on!

Voluptacon said...

Oooh, that's a very bad sign when they start eating things.
Time for re-evaluation when it starts eating your smalls.

Amanda said...

LOL!! I have no loyalty to misbehaving washing machines and ditched mine for a better model at the first sign of trouble (getting stuck in the spin cycle - long before any thought of it eating things). But I hadn't trusted it from the start. My current one and I are getting along very well.
(Rewinding from the Fibro!)

A Farmer's Wife said...

I'm with Amanda. The minute the washing machine becomes high maintenance it's hit the road Jack time.

Honestly - I would be in huge trouble without my washing machine. their would be a danger of me getting lost in the piles of dirty washing.

Cath said...

I had the same problem earlier this year. Luckily my sister's was two-timing! We have her "spare" until we feel we are ready for a new family member.

Voluptacon said...

Haha! Well I did ditch that no good Washing machine and now have a replacement. He's had a past...been put through the wringer... but is reliable!

Rachel Faith said...

Definitely time to move on. WM is not pulling his fair share of the load.

mrinalini said...

haha, very funny description.
i;m following you, please look up my blog and follow back.

Anonymous said...

You've really been put through the wringer.
We bought a new washing machine last year when I had baby no.3, and it shakes the whole house during the spin cycle, But it doesn't eat stuff, so we let him stay. For now.
Funny post. :)

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

LOL. This whole post had me in a spin (cycle).

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.