Monday, August 30, 2010

50 ways to beat procrastination

41) Concentrate on the task at hand.

42) Start by setting fire to whatever you were supposed to do.... Laundry pile?... *whoosh!!!*... Not anymore!

43) Centre yourself and think...think...thiiiink...thinking...thiiii...Has that crack always been there on that wall?

44) Once you have been at your task for 33.7 seconds, eat a box of chocolates as a reward!

45) Don't think of tasks as WORK, think of them as FUN! If you've been putting off making that appointment at the Gynecologist's, why not ring up and sing for an appointment? "Heelloooooooooooo, I'd liiike to book in my Pap Smeeeeeeearrrrr!"

46) Involve the kiddies: They love to help, and it's free labor!

47) "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.": Unless there is an awesome show in TV, like Spicks and Specks last week with Barry Morgan’s World of Organs, Or The Gruen Transfer with that Old Spice Ad. Haha! Check them out!...Squirrel!

48) Set yourself realistic goals: Aim to only vacuum and mop the floors instead of dusting, vacuuming and mopping. If you can’t vacuum and mop, just vacuum. If you can’t vacuum, flick through a Trash-mag or watch the episode of “True Blood” you just downloaded. The important thing is, don’t exceed your limitations!

49) How do you beat procrastination? Procrastination is terrible at Poker, has a very bad poker face and tries to bluff constantly. So basically if you have anything better than 2 pair, or three of a kind you can usually kick its butt.

50) Just live with it, don’t worry about what you HAVE to do: I’m sure that you can just pop some glad wrap over your dishes and tell people you are studying pathologic processes of bacterium and rickettsia, specifically its ribonucleic acid, and the effects outside its typical function as oral flora, on the periphery of your plates, pots and may even get a grant!

Oh my god! Did you see that? My computer totally ate the first 40 points! You would have been amazed! You would have been astounded!
It was life affirming stuff...
Well I could go alllll the way over to “My documents” and copy/paste alllllllll of the word document I saved it on for you again. Just give us a few minutes...I’ll be back...I promise...

Have you got any tips for me on how to beat procrastination?


bigwords is... said...

So funny! The thought of singing an appointment for a smear makes me giggle. Think I might go watch some True Blood can't be bothered doing the dishes!! Over here Rewinding. Nice to meet/follow your blog x

Voluptacon said...

Cheers! Definitely True Blood over dishes!
Nice to meet you too.

life without mathematics said...

Howdy! I've Rewound the Weekend to find you. I'm not going to help with your quest to beat procrastination. I'm a fluffer myself, and given to piles of this and that all round the show. Don't fight it I say! Think of the Fat Controller defending Harvey, the train crane who looked different to the others and was alienated: "Different is what makes us special!" :)

MultipleMum said...

Some excellent advice there. I think I could do with setting fire to some of my washing. It is relentless! Thanks for Rewinding x