Friday, September 10, 2010

I told you I was Ill!


The Grim Reaper perused his floordrobe (Reapers aren’t renowned for their housekeeping skills) and picked up a fur coat and popped it on. He then donned some white gloves his Nanna knitted, and rummaged through the pile for his fluffy bunny slippers.
Once found he shuffled them on, he made his way to the library where a roaring fire was waiting for him. He then loaded up his scythe with marshmallows and sat in front of the fire to toast them.
“Mmmmmm, toasty!” sighed the Reaper.

This is how I feel today...Like Death warmed up.

This would have to be the longest and most drawn out “sick season” in history! I know a few households (like mine) who have been constantly sick this whole winter in a never ending splutter of coughs and sneezes.
How has your family fared this “sick season”?


Resist temptation said...

We have copped it all this "sick season" and normally we don't ever get sick...But 3yo started childcare this year, when the Dr said he could pick up about 26 illnesses in his first year, he wasn't wrong- What he did neglect to say was pregnancy lowers your immunity so I'd catch it all aswell... Virus, gastro, colds, temps..I caught everything apart from Conjunkty eyes...

Fingers crossed now it is spring, there will start to be some healthy households happening soon, Hopefully the deathfeeling goes away for you even sooner xox

Voluptacon said...

Yeah, I'm thinking with Jaffa starting kinder this year, he has probably picked up his fair share of nasties and bought them home.
Ewww, I'm glad you didnt get pink-eye! I havent got that either (fingers crossed!)

toushka said...

I agree - this flu season has been ridiculous. It seems we get over one bug just in time to get another. over it. I do like Mr Reaper's bunny slippers.

j. said...

Definitely - we've all been through the wringer this winter... I'm currently snuffling and sneezing my way through a mild sinus infection!

The little lady started daycare this year, thank goodness it was only family daycare with 4 other kids! Even that has had it's fair share of germs... Kinder next year is going to be interesting.

Voluptacon said...

Toushka,-G-reaps does love his bunny slippers.
We've been the same, one bug after another. Madness!

J- Yeah, you've seemed to have it as bad as us. I think the little kiddies love giving mummy little germy pressies. Bless.

Anonymous said...

You know Spike Milligan said that he was having, "I told you I was sick!" put on his headstone? You could use that!! :)