Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WW Snackdown!

Hello, I am Voluptacon.
*Able to leap 12 Matchbox cars in a single bound (without getting sharp bits in my feet).
*Faster than a speeding toddler on LGC #.
*Be amazed at the fact that I am able to co-habit my loungeroom with 4 large spiders.
*Watch my dynamic pelvic floor as I jump on the trampoline.
*Be astounded at my amazing gag reflex as I change diabolical nappies.

I have only one mortal enemy...and that is...


Snacks are my lifelong sworn enemy.
They know all my weak spots (hips and thighs) and attack viciously and mercilessly.
Once upon a time I used to be a smoker, which seemed to be like a magical force shield to snacks. Snacks were able to be kept at bay whilst I had that smoky pacifier in my mouth. But after quitting smoking due to a chronic case of pregnancy, I didn’t have that force shield (that somewhat unhealthy and slightly detrimental force shield) anymore.

So, I am having to devise a new plan of attack to combat these tasty terrorists, these flavoursome foe, these scrumptious saboteurs of my widening waistline.
I have decided to wrestle my enemy via WW (put that) Snackdown!
I am going to be using Weight Watchers to eliminate bad snacking. Instead of reaching for the block of chocolate or the box of BBQ Shapes, I am now going to be devising my own Weight Watchers friendly snacks...and I have already discovered how yummy Cajun spiced air-popped popcorn is.

So, from now on, instead of having Voluptacon sized bear traps alongside the mousetraps around the pantry (so neither the mice nor I can eat the BBQ Shapes!), I will be following the Weight Watchers points system, which still does allow me to snack (a Voluptacon NEVER starves herself!! It is against her nature!), but it just makes me more aware of what I am putting into my body.

So I can be an even stronger Voluptacon, a Voluptacon that can maybe one day do one back flips in a bikini...well, maybe I’ll just settle for summersaults in a sun dress.

What’s your biggest hurdle with weight loss? Love of carbs? Snacking? Lack of motivation?

#(Lime Green Cordial)


EmmaK said...

lol my hurdle is I can't stop eating, and I hate exercise. The only way I have found to lose weight is to never be at home, never carry money around in the street or I will buy a snack. Oh and hang around the gym all day being really boring just to stay out of the house and away from snacks!

Voluptacon said...

hehe...I'm DOOMED!!!!

j. said...

I just love food too much. I love cooking it, eating it, reading about it, thinking about it...

I'm hoping that coming into warmer weather may mean I have a little more motivation to exercise and be more active, as I don't think I'd stick to any sort of eating plan for very long.