Thursday, February 3, 2011

He's ready, but am I?

The night before the big event. My first child at school, Jasper's first day of Prep. He's has been talking about it all week, and is so excited about going to big school. He's all ready and set to GO.

But I'm not ready! I have a nagging paranoia that I haven't done everything!

Am I going to send my child to school without everything he needs? What if I am missing a pink pencil somewhere? What if I haven't correctly labelled ALL of his things, and he gets into a fight on his first day over the ownership of a glue stick? What if his library bag isn't the exact right one, and I am arrested under the School Code 37, Section 576 for providing inappropriate book carrying paraphernalia? ("I'm sorry Maam, but we specifically asked you to provide a satchel, what you have here is a haversack!").

I have meticulously gone over his list a thousand times.

I have ironed on name tags to anything that has a material surface ( I knew I'd find a use for that thing one day!), have written his name on everything that has gone into his pencil case and school bag, and found that I had to pull myself together with a sharp slap to the face when I was trying to embroider his name onto his ham sandwich!

So, finally, I think I am ready. I will probably go through the list and his bag another 17 times before I go to bed tonight. I will have nightmares tonight about him showing up at school in another school's uniform. And I will probably awake tomorrow morning to find that I have sleep-walked in the middle of the night, and have ironed on name tags to the curtains, the bedding, the tea towels, the fridge, the cat...

How were you with your back to school preparation? Were you confident in your abilities to organise your little one off to school? Or are you a slightly paranoid mumma like me?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where's my award that says "Slack Blogger" ?

I'm afraid I have been rather remiss in my blogging efforts over the holiday season, so It's high time I got back to it.
And what a better way to return than by being showered with awards!
The Almightily lovely and overly generous Toushka over at (where else but) "...from Toushka" has bestowed apon me the versatile and stylish blogger awards.
Now, I'm one of these people who don't continue on chain mail letters, emails, blogs... whatever.
Therefore, so far I have had 7 years bad luck because of this:
My home has been taken over by insurgent senior citizens who use my lounge room to play their Ninja Bingo. I can't go out in public for fear that the colony of spiders living in my hair may embarrass me somewhat. Every goldfish I have ever owned has died (and I'm pretty sure it isnt from the fact that I hold my ukelele and kazoo lessons right next to their tank). Whenever I'm out the front of my house people drive by and randomly throw things at me, like lamingtons, half used mosquito coils and Christmas hams. And the only good hair cut I have had in that 7 years was when a pack of rabid goats chewed it in my sleep.
However I would be willing to endure this all over again if i was asked to once more continue on a chain letter-blog-thing.
Thankfully Toushka hasnt asked that of me, she has kindly given me this award without any strings attatched, so I may now try and live my life in peace.
Free from the tyranny of the mushrooms that grow in my hallway, free from the pirates who live in my attic and come down on Fridays demanding doubloons, free from the neighbours with halitosis who invite themselves around for scoooooones and aaaaaaaafternoon tea, and free from bad luck in general.
Thank you for not wishing that upon me. Stay classy Toushka.